From being a customer to being the king

Are you looking for a partner who is expert in production of your collection? Then come to us. Whether it is women's wear, men's wear or children's wear; knitted or woven or Basic, Casual and Sports products - We have solutions for every demand. All of them are provided with perfect Salto quality. Our three-stage quality control approach guarantees that.

Thanks to our elite and competent suppliers in Istanbul and Anatolia, we are able to guarantee fast production possibilities and short loading processes. It is possible for additional deliveries to be made within four-five weeks, while new deliveries can be made within six-seven weeks. According to customer demands the delivery can be made by air, sea, articulated lorry or train. Of course, all processes regarding the job are met by us. We provide flexibility in payment options like we do in production.

We also offer products to our customers such as towels, sheet and morning gowns, in addition to wear products. Moreover, in scope of our product range we offer non-food products such as socks, knitted pantyhose, tricot and wool products; also plastic, stationery equipments, liquid cleaning materials, paper and room spray. Authentic Style, Kik, T€di, Woolworth and Wibra are among our customers who are satisfied from our services.


New Deliveries 6-7 Weeks
Additional Deliveries 4-5 Weeks


• Woven and knitted products
• Garment dye, all kinds of washing processes
• Classical Wear, Basic, Casual, Sports products,
• Socks
• Blouses and shirts